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bookkeeping pricing packages

This rate is for an entry level bookkeeper without special qualifications and does not contemplate for additional benefits. For example, location can impact the price as well – the median salary for an entry-level bookkeeper in New York, NY is $50,959. In the end, the cost of bookkeeping services will be determined by your payment type (salary, hourly, flat fee, etc.) and engagement type (in-house employee, freelance, or bookkeeping subscription).

  • Staying on top of these crucial financial tasks can help your business qualify for financing.
  • As with hiring an internal accountant and defining his or her role, you need to decide which areas of financial management make sense to outsource, including the accounting function.
  • A key benefit of outsourcing is that it allows you to tailor the services you receive to your accounting needs.
  • It might be confusing whether you need a bookkeeping service or accounting software, but the answer depends on the size and scope of your business.
  • A good approach is to create a few packages for clients to choose from.
  • By automating tasks and keeping track of deadlines, you can be sure that nothing falls through the cracks and your clients are always getting the best possible service.

Our premium package offers access to strategic expertise from professionals that understand your startup’s needs. Our timesaver package will provide you with a proactive partner who will handle your accounting needs while you focus on business. After enough trial and error, you can settle on your final service packages and promote them to the rest of your clients. When deciding if you should do your bookkeeping yourself or hire outside help, the decision is entirely up to you. For example, if you have the time to handle bookkeeping yourself, you might continue to do so to save money. On the other hand, if you’d like to use the time you spend bookkeeping focusing on other aspects of your business, then the cost of a bookkeeper may be worth it.

Catch Up and Clean Up Your Books

As you’ve seen, there are several solutions to this bookkeeping dilemma, but they also come with additional questions you should keep in mind before making a decision. To help you on this decision-making journey, we’ve gathered four questions to ask yourself before hiring a bookkeeper. To learn more about the cost of bookkeeping, follow this small business guide. All QuickBooks Online plans come with a one-time Guided Setup with an expert and customer support. Get investor-ready with bookkeeping, tax, financial analysis, and more from a dedicated team of experts. If your monthly average is $50,001 or more, the monthly price for QuickBooks Live is $700.

  • Consider your clientele and group them based on company size, number of employees, number of monthly transactions, industry requirements, and how complex their finances are.
  • This individual has gone through extensive bookkeeping training and is also sufficiently experienced to assist you in all your bookkeeping needs.
  • Discover the 4-step process used by hundreds of firm owners to double your prices (as soon as today) without increasing workload.
  • Discover the direct correlation between standardized processes and boosted profits for your accounting firm.
  • See where the similarities are between the services and level of support you offer each group of clients.

This ensures that the services and packages are of the highest quality. This individual has gone through extensive bookkeeping training and is also sufficiently experienced to assist you in all your bookkeeping needs. You can be confident that you will be given proper guidance in terms of your financial journey. If you require the services of a CPA, we also have CPA accounting services that do not require a long term contract. You can expect a full-cost accountant to carry out tasks related to paying bills, billing customers, managing timesheets and pay slips and processing end-of-month financial statements. As a business owner, you still need to look at the deliverables to ensure accuracy and the bookkeeping packages pricing are also not too high or off your budget.

Additional Services

Our agency’s bookkeeping services integrate with the major bookkeeping software that includes, but is not limited to, Freshbooks, QuickBooks Online, and Xero. If you are currently using a different bookkeeping software that we are not integrated with, we can confirm first if we support the software that you are using. We will work closely with you to ensure that the right software is used for your business and get the results you want. Businesses make great use of the financial data that is made available by accounting to drive their success. This crucial financial data is obtained through competent bookkeeping services.

Most bookkeeping firms or accounting firms don’t offer tax services, or if they do, they outsource it. This not only leads to additional costs, it also can result in mistakes. And for Kruze’s clients, having the same team assist on the financial statements due diligence as helps on the tax diligence can reduce the headache of the VC diligence process. Our bookkeeping price packages are varied to give you several options. These services are customized to the exact needs of business owners.


In-house employees, whether full-time or part-time, will be either salaried or hourly. Either way, the costs are more predictable and controlled by you, the employer. It’s common for people to group accounting and bookkeeping together, but they have different functions, expertise, and qualifications. bookkeeping pricing packages When you’re putting together a pricing quote for a potential new client, there are a few key things to keep in mind. And you also want to ensure you’re being compensated for all of your efforts. Reach out to learn more about our affordable accounting pricing for startups.

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