Certified Ethical Hacker CEH Certification Requirements CEH Exam

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Many schools will accept the ACE Accreditation and consider awarding those credits to you upon enrollment. ECU will also evaluate your transcript and upon application to the University, award the three credits for your achieved certification. While EC-Council doesn’t publish pass rates for the exam, typical pass rates globally range from 60%-80%.

certified ethical hacker

To support those specializations, EC-Council has published a series of certification tracks that focus on stacking the competencies required to excel in those specializations. To view the available tracks and see what types of careers they lead into, Download our Cyber Career Track guide. The comprehensive curriculum covers the fundamentals of ethical certified ethical hacker hacking, footprinting and reconnaissance, scanning, enumeration, vulnerability threats, social engineering, SQL injection, and much more. The salary of an ethical hacker depends on several factors, including location and experience. However, with the right training and skills, ethical hackers can command average salaries in excess of $100K.

Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP)

Students will go through lectures with lab time, participate in threaded discussions, complete mid-term and final assessments and receive college credit for the course, then independently pursue certification by taking the examination. This is a great option if you are looking for a more engaged experience with your school where they can focus on the academic elements of the program and often more rigorous progression assessments. C|EH is an intensive 5-day program delivered in person or online where the instructor will take you through intensive lectures followed by hands-on practice of the concepts taught.

  • The salary of an ethical hacker depends on several factors, including location and experience.
  • The ethical hacker’s role is imperative in that it allows the threat modeling to remain theoretical rather than post-mortem after an actual attack.
  • That packs a major value into a single platform, and it’s the main reason we chose to include it in our list of best ethical hacking courses.
  • Many bootcamps offer additional perks like EC-Council official courseware, exam vouchers, and even post-class review sessions.

A Certified Ethical Hacker is a skilled professional who understands and knows how to look for the weaknesses and vulnerabilities in target systems and uses the same knowledge and tools as a malicious hacker. At the end of the certified ethical hacker course, you’ll need to pass a 4-hour exam composed of multiple-choice questions that test what you have learned. Once you pass the C|EH exam, you’ll have the opportunity to continue sharpening your ethical hacking skills and achieve further recognition in the field of ethical hacking with the C|EH (Master) credential. Considering the global need and lack of qualified talent in the workforce, cybersecurity professionals are paid exceptionally well in most cases. As of August 2022, a simple search in Salary.com for United States based positions show that Certified Ethical Hackers make an average of $103,866 per year, with the 90th percentile earning above $130,000.

Learning Objectives

Many firms enlist the help of all three engagement types in conjunction with both in-house and external ethical hackers. This variation of applied knowledge can provide the best view of what protections must be deployed but is also much more expensive to undertake. In keeping with the industry’s use of colors to delineate between various cybersecurity roles and functions, there are white-box, black-box, and gray-box ethical hacker engagements.

Ethical hackers learn and perform hacking in a professional manner, based on the direction of the client, and later, present a maturity scorecard highlighting their overall risk and vulnerabilities and suggestions to improve. Because the CEH certification applies to a wide variety of security roles across many organizational types, the average salary will also vary. To be sure, obtaining this certification will qualify a candidate for advancement to higher-paying positions or entitle them to additional pay in their current role. The CEH certification offers in-depth knowledge of the current hacking landscape, including the latest techniques, tools, and methodologies used by cybercriminals. The Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certification is a globally recognized credential in the cybersecurity field that can open doors to a number of career opportunities. If you are taking the program at ECU, or in a college or University that is an Official Academia Partner, your course will be credit bearing.

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